Ray Super Remote

Rethinking the universal remote as a modern, touch-driven operating system.

Making a smarter remote

Based in NYC, Ray is a consumer technology company focused on developing the next generation of hardware products. Their first product, the Ray Super Remote, evolves the universal remote and TV guide into a modern, app-based browsing experience. Our studio joined as design partner in the project’s early stages, contributing to a range of areas including product design, prototyping, and user testing.

Design & prototyping

To accelerate the design process, our studio created a custom software framework to test fully-functional wireless prototypes with all the devices that have become a part of the entertainment ecosystem—televisions, gaming consoles, sound systems, and more. This process enabled us to explore the product's design possibilites more quickly, conduct more frequent user testing, and do so in an iterative fashion.

One device, endless possibilities

Our team worked across the entire user experience, helping to define the operating system and core applications. This required us to develop a deep understanding of infrared technology and communication between living room devices. Taking a technology-driven approach allowed us to develop an automated onboarding experience and design a simple, modern interface that lets people control hundreds of thousands of devices.