Google Identity

Creating a visual language for the world's leading technology brand.

From a destination to a friend

Google, the brand people know and love, was once just a popular destination for search. As Google expanded from the web into mobile, automotive, television, and beyond, what was once a destination for search had become a constant, intelligent companion to billions of people around the world.

Our studio was fortunate to join with Google Creative Lab, Material Design, The Rivalry, and the many product teams at Google to help develop a cohesive, visual shorthand for one of the most visible brands in the world.

Moving & expressive

A key part of Google's identity system is a fluid, malleable quartet that helps communicate the magic behind Google’s intelligence. Changing shape rapidly and responsively allows the identity to become a useful, integrated, persistent part of Google's products.

User Speaks
Got It
Didn't Get It
Dots Thinking

An intelligent mark, always in motion

Most importantly, the identity reflects the personality of the entire brand, capturing the essence of Google when it's listening to you, when it's helping you, when it's delivering magic and to do it in the quirky and fun voice that Google users are familiar with.

Bigger than the web

Developed in close collaboration with Google Creative Lab and the many wonderful teams at Google, this was an incredible undertaking that spanned a tremendous number of platforms and products. Our studio was able to assist in the ideation of the mark, creation of strict standards for the identity’s design and interactivity, and advise on the specific implementations of the identity across Google’s vast ecosystem of mobile products.