Google for iOS

Redesigning the search app to put the best of Google all in one place.

Redesigning search

As mobile became a greater part of our daily lives, we began to demand more of the apps we use most. The former interface for Google Search was reminiscent of the web version, and had begun to show its age. Together with Google Creative Lab and Google Search, our studio joined in developing a fresh interface, new functionality, and a cleaner aesthetic to improve one of the search giant’s most popular products on iOS.

One tap

The app's key innovation is its interface. With more features than its cousin on the web, the new layout uses cleverly positioned buttons to make searching faster and more convenient than any other interface on iOS.

By carefully placing key behaviors immediately under the thumb—the search box, search mic, and persistent navigation bar—users have a swift and natural flow from one search to the next.


One search leads to another. The new design takes inspiration from tabs and history, merging old searches into a single deck of transitory cards. Simple and visual, the cards expire with time to avoid outdated clutter.

Bringing it all together

Designed in collaboration with Google Creative Lab and Google Search, the app combines the intelligence of Google with simple, human design decisions that make it possible to search faster on the move. Our studio was able to contribute to a range of areas that include product design, visual design, user experience, and motion design.