Google Creative Lab

Big Web Quiz

A multiplayer game designed to push the absolute limits of the Chromecast.

Getting weird with Chromecast

Google Chromecast is a cheap, miniature computer for your television. To help the world understand just how awesome this little computer could be, Google Creative Lab approached our studio to design a game that would spark the world’s interest, imagination, and most importantly—be fun to play.

Produced by Google Creative Lab. Directed by Nick Bentgen.

Nerdiness beneath the surface

It looks like everything is all fun and games, but technical detail is integrated into every design decision of Big Web Quiz. The speed and pacing of the game is custom tuned to account for any differences in network latency the players might experience. Animations are playfully blocky on the television, catering to the relatively low frame rate of web-based animations on the Chromecast's itty bitty GPU. Conversely, animations on the players' phones are fast, smooth, and high quality—all enabled by the incredible performance of modern mobile hardware. Finally, sound fills the living room not just from the TV, but also from each of the phones being held by the players. But for most players, the game just works for hanging with friends and having fun.

Optimized for fun

Quiz takes joy in being a product that people might only use once or twice. It takes inspiration from the friendly, quirky Google logo and blows it up into a bright and colorful landscape full of big, easy buttons and devious little animated characters. The style is tuned just right to make the experience memorable as soon as you turn it on.

Party on any platform

Released in September of 2014, Big Web Quiz demonstrates the potential of the Chromecast as an emerging entertainment platform. The result is a multi-player, multi-screen, multi-media extravaganza. After premiering at Google I/O, it launched simultaneously across Android, iPhone and iPad.

Our studio worked closely with Google Creative Lab to design the game, interface, brand, identity, website and marketing collateral.